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I'm a UI/UX designer and app developer based in the United Kingdom. I have a passion for web design and an interest in medical and healthcare technologies.

tldr; Summary

I've been building and designing apps for 6 years.

During university, I founded two startups, participated and organised a number of hackathons, and worked as a freelance designer and front-end engineer.

I have just completed my training at the University of Sheffield Medical School.

Starting Off

I started programming when I was 11; through building tweaks for a Java-based MMO game.

I went on to learn HTML, CSS, and Javascript to create websites to showcase my work, and also to introduce people to the private servers I was running at the time. 🙃

Later, I starting building applications with PHP to interact with the server databases.

First Startup

I founded my first startup, UniReq, at the beginning of University in 2011.

The aim was to create a simple way for high school students to figure out which universities they were eligible to apply to in the United Kingdom.

In the first year of launch, UniReq had over 13,000 users from around the world; and I was able to implement 8 courses and even an automated personal statement critique service using a combination of jQuery and PHP.

Unfortunately, I was no longer able to maintain the site due to university commitments. However, I plan to rebuild this site with new technologies soon.


I love attending hackathons! Over the past 4 years I have been attending hackathons whenever possible, as I feel that it's a great opportunity to improve my programming skills, as well as network with people from around the world.

I've competed in numerous hackathons across Europe; receiving awards from organisations such as SeedCamp, Nacue, Cisco, Kairos Society, Startup Bus, and MLH for design, development, and presentation.

In 2015, I organised AMEE Hacks; a medical education hackathon with engineers, designers, and medical professionals from across the world. We reached over 550,000 people on social media, and had over 2.7 million impressions on our website during the event.

Second Startup

Hive started off as an app we built during a hackathon. After discussing the product with mentors, judges, and friends in the startup community, we decided to turn it into a business.

Taking the best features from Facebook, Dropbox, Evernote, Skype, Huddle, Google Drive, and numerous other collaboration software, we built, from scratch, a beautiful platform that seamlessly integrates into the Mac OSX platform.

Designed to be a distraction-free, collaboration tool for small teams around the world; I ran point as interim CEO and lead designer.

Recent Work

I've spent the past two years working with multiple clients on projects ranging from WordPress sites to iOS applications for transport.

I have also been involved with the Google Student Ambassador Program, Kairos Society, and MedTech Sheffield.

Future Plans

I have no set plans for the future, though I am currently exploring my options:

- PhD opportunities in Biophotonics
- Engineering / Design at a startup or company
- Product Management at a Life Sciences company
- Junior Doctor in the National Health Service

Decisions. 🤔

Get In Touch

I'm currently available for freelance work, and am also looking for full-time job opportunities starting in mid 2017.

If you like my work, why not drop me a message at [email protected]?