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Side Project

Work In Progress

The Challenge

At the University of Sheffield Medical School, we use Minerva, a website built by our in-house IT team, to manage our internal communications and clinical skills logbooks.

However, the website itself is not mobile friendly; making it difficult to access information such as the newsfeed, logbook, and module handbooks on the go.

Our key objectives were to:

Ensure continuity of user experience from Minerva through to the app

Access the medical school newsfeed with push notifications support

Create a mobile resource for content provided by the medical school

Understand the requirements of having a mobile ePortfolio

Make the service as usable as possible


My Approach

I followed an agile UX approach allowing me to develop working prototypes of specific application features in a short space of time, making the best use of my time and limited resources.

  1. The project began with some user research, interviewing colleagues at the medical school about their experience with Minerva. I also collaborated with a number of individuals in the MedTech Sheffield organisation to create a vision for the new application.

  2. I used these findings to define the basic requirements for the application, forming the design and development strategy, and setting small, realistic targets for sprints.

  3. I split the project up into 4 domains:

    • Backend : Building the interface allowing our application to communicate with the Minerva servers, as there isn't an official API available.

    • Newsfeed : Designing a user-friendly interface to access the newsfeeds across multiple year groups, as well as developing a method for push notification support.

    • Logbook : Building an interface for students to add new clinical skills logs into their online portfolio.

    • Resources : Allowing students to access online module handbooks and guides via the application.

  4. I worked on both the development and design aspects of this project together; ensuring the designs and user journeys were properly integrated into the backend systems.

Impact & Results

As this project is currently on-going, the preliminary results will not be published until all the post-release data has been collected.

More screens and information will be added as the project progresses.