Web FPAS Calculator

PHP ⋅ Google Sheets


Side Project

Completed 12/09/2016


Part of the Foundation Programme Application System (FPAS) requires me to rank all the deaneries in the United Kingdom by preference. Applicants are then allocated their Foundation Year 1 and Foundation Year 2 jobs based on their FPAS score and the scores of other candidates.

The FPAS score comprises of points from an individuals Educational Performance Measure (EPM), points from additional degrees, points from publications, and the Situational Judgement Test.

However, the Situational Judgement Test is sat after the application cycle closes; so there is no way of knowing how well you would do.

Therefore, I built a web application based on admission statistics over the past year and mean SJT scores from each university.

The probability of getting into a foundation school is then calculated based on the your lowest predictable FPAS score against the minimum requirement for entry into the foundation schools in previous years.

You can access the completed project here: jchui.xyz/projects/fpas-calc/