iOS Railtech Platform

Sketch ⋅ Invision ⋅ Flinto


Hack Partners

Completed - Proof of Concept


I worked with Hack Partners to design and deliver a Proof-Of-Concept implementation of their RailTech platform, a solution designed to replace current methods of ticketing and on-board train mobile experiences.

Hack Partners is a fast growing rail innovation consultancy. We deliver breakthrough level innovation to the rail industry via hackathons and accelerator programmes. Our goal is to facilitate the introduction of new technologies that drastically improve customer experience and operational efficiency in rail. Once we perfect our processes for innovation we will expand to other industries.

In addition, as the in-house UX designer during their accelerator programme, I worked with a number of startups to help visualise their ideas and design user interfaces for various other applications in the rail industry.


During my time at Hack Partners, I utilised the following tools to design and build workflows for the teams:

- HTML + CSS + JS (Coda)
- Sketch
- Invision
- Flinto
- Photoshop
- Swift (XCode)

As the development of this project at Hack Partners is still on-going, please contact me directly for more details about this platform and its integration.