Redesigning the ePorfolio

  • UI Design
  • UX Design
  • Swift
  • Javascript
  • PHP


At the University of Sheffield Medical School, students use Minerva to manage internal communications and their clinical skills logbooks. Information such as the logbook and newsfeed were only made available via the website.

However, this system has yet to be made mobile-friendly, resulting in difficulty accessing essential information on the go.

My Role

I built this as a side project whilst studying at university. I was responsible for the entire project, from sketches to final prototyping and user testing, while gathering feedback on a regular basis from early users.


Students want an easy way to access information available on the website. They want to make sure they are notified for essential updates.

Students want a mobile version of the clinical logbook, with the ability to check for missing requirements and make new entry logs via the app.


I had several major constraints to consider for the final solution. Some of these constraints included a lack of an existing API, a limited budget for development, and restricted amount of time I could spend for the project. For the final application, I decided to create a minimal viable product and limit the rollout of features at launch.


I followed an agile UX approach allowing me to develop working prototypes of specific application features in a short space of time, making the best use of my time and limited resources.

The project began with some user research, interviewing colleagues at the medical school about their experience with Minerva. I also collaborated with a number of individuals in the MedTech Sheffield organisation to create a vision for the new application.

I used these findings to define the basic requirements for the application, forming the design and development strategy, and setting small, realistic targets for sprints.

I worked on both the development and design aspects of this project together; ensuring the designs and user journeys were properly integrated into the backend systems.