Community First Responders:
Redesign Concept

  • UI Design
  • UX Design
  • Unofficial Redesign Concept


The Sheffield Medical School arranged a social enterprise scheme as part of our elective programme to encourage students to explore other aspects of healthcare. Five students were selected for this scheme and awarded a grant to help develop their ideas.

As part of my project, I collaborated with my colleagues in Australia, Hong Kong, and the United Kingdom to design a better Community First Responders app for mobile devices.

My Approach

The challenge was to design a system with a better, clearer interface; whilst building it on top of the existing system without altering the backend structure.

Researching online for apps used by CFR schemes elsewhere, I felt that the current method of displaying information about the callouts and patients could be improved.

Inspired by the recent growth of messaging apps, I decided to experiment with a combination of a messaging interface and pop-ups to display the information from callouts. This would allow information to be presented in a clear timeline layout that people are already familiar with.

I took inspiration from design showcase websites such as Dribbble and Behance, as well as content aggregators such as Product Hunt and TheNextWeb.

I implemented rich media cards to display information such as the patients location and their patient details. When a callout is accepted, status updates can then be sent to the system and pushed onto their devices; giving CFRs an easy method of reviewing what they have done during their shift with a detailed timeline of their actions.