Patient Flow Tracker

Side Project

The Problem

Patients referred to acute specialties (e.g. acute medicine, general surgery, orthopaedics) from Accident & Emergency are required to be reviewed by a clinician from the lead specialty.

Referrals usually come through to a senior clinician (SpR), who records the patients' details and assigns a member of their team to review these patients.

However, these details are often recorded on antiquated systems not designed for this purpose. As a result, there is no efficient way to keep track of patients or the clinicians reviewing them.

My Solution

Kanban boards have been used by organisations as an effective project management tool to track and manage product workflows and roadmaps. Inspired by tools such as Trello and Google Tables, I designed a kanban board for managing patient flow in hospitals.

This system would allow users to seamlessly track patients across departments and help teams work more efficiently.

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Current Work

Honorary Clinical Research Fellow
Imperial College London

Clinical Entrepreneur Fellow
NHS England

National Health Service


Healthcare & Design, MSc
Imperial College London & Royal College of Art 2021

Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery, MBChB
University of Sheffield 2017

Bachelor of Medical Sciences, BMedSci
University of Sheffield 2014

Designing my own career at the intersection of medicine and technology.

London, United Kingdom