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Every year, final year medical students rank up foundation schools and deaneries where they want to work in after graduation.

It is therefore important to know how well they score in comparison to their peers, in order to put themselves in the best possible position when applying for their dream jobs and locations.


I released the first version of this application in 2017.

Built as a quick tool in basic html and javascript, I never anticipated how popular this application would become.

Within months this tool was used over 40,000 times by prospective applicants; shared across multiple social media outlets and forums.

The following year, I saw a significant increase of users; with over 140,000 reports generated throughout the academic year.

This prompted me to rebuild and redesign the application to allow for new features to be implemented in the future and for better events tracking across the application.


I used this project as an opportunity to familiarise myself with commonly used javascript frameworks.

I built the entire project in ReactJS with a css framework from Semantic UI.

You can check out this project at jchui.github.io/fpas-calc/.

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Honorary Clinical Research Fellow
Imperial College London

Clinical Entrepreneur Fellow
NHS England

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Healthcare & Design, MSc
Imperial College London & Royal College of Art 2021

Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery, MBChB
University of Sheffield 2017

Bachelor of Medical Sciences, BMedSci
University of Sheffield 2014

Designing my own career at the intersection of medicine and technology.

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