MSc Healthcare & Design

Imperial College London & Royal College of Art

Research Project

This research was completed for the 2-year MSc Programme in Healthcare & Design at Imperial College London and the Royal College of Art.


Taking medications as prescribed is vital for managing chronic conditions, treating temporary illnesses and improving overall health outcomes. Unfortunately, a significant proportion of patients fail to take their medications according to their prescribed regimens.

This study aims to adopt a design thinking approach to understand patients' medication compliance issues and generate actionable insights to improve health outcomes.

Through a combination of primary and secondary research, we sought to understand the shared behaviours and challenges that patients with poor medication compliance face. By acknowledging our target audience and their needs, we uncovered recurrent themes that had to be addressed to develop an effective solution.

A proposed design concept was selected and developed into a functioning prototype following a brainstorming and ideation process. The development process was part of an iterative cycle with continuous usability and desirability testing alongside end-user participation through co-design workshops and interviews.

This research provides insight into the behaviours and patterns that patients with medication non-compliance exhibit. The application of a design thinking approach demonstrates its effectiveness in delivering a user-centred product. The author hopes that this study's insights and results will prompt future research and development in this area and promote the use of design thinking in more healthcare challenges in the future.

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Healthcare & Design, MSc
Imperial College London & Royal College of Art 2021

Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery, MBChB
University of Sheffield 2017

Bachelor of Medical Sciences, BMedSci
University of Sheffield 2014

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